Baskets of Hope

Women often leave an abusive relationship with very little money or personal and household items. We do what we can to support them when the leave the shelter but our resources are limited. So, to assist women when they start out on their own we have created the Baskets of Hope program. Through this program women are given a basket full of items that they need when they leave. Items such as flatware, dishes, pots and pans, toiletries, personal needs items, bathroom items, or gift cards are bundled into a laundry hamper and given to the woman. This kind of gift goes a long way to easing the transition from the shelter to a new place of residence. Interested donors can either put together their own baskets or donate items that we can put together in a basket for the women. Please contact us at 705-728-6300 ext 228 if you would like to contribute to the Basket of Hope Program.

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