What’s New?

We would like to keep our community partners and supporters up-to-date about what new is happening at the Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie.  So, we created a “What’s New” page so that visitors to our site can have a quick look at ongoing events, projects, and news stories about our agency.  Enjoy!


We are growing!  We have won a $25,000 grant from The Keg to provide affordable housing for the Barrie community.  The $25,000 will cover security, lighting for our ‘New Beginnings’ project – the start of a wonderful initiative and much needed service in our community!

In order to obtain this much appreciated grant, members of our community had to vote daily for 1 month.  We received the highest # of votes – We did this together!  An insight into our strength as a community!  Absolutely AWESOME!

We will provide updates both here on our website and on our Facebook page ‘Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie http://www.facebook.com/pages/Women-Childrens-Shelter-of-Barrie/114293238626973 about our new and exciting second stage project.

Thank you for your support!  It is inspirational to see what we can do as a community to provide this much needed service!  Everybody played a part & every vote truly did help!

Please find below, copy of our Grant application request to The Keg.

Keg Grant Application 2011 PDF

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