The Violence Prevention Program is a community based outreach and awareness initiative supporting youth in the Barrie and surrounding area.

Our Mission

The Violence Prevention Program strives to offer educational opportunities for youth that shift the engrained systemic attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate violence and discrimination in our communities. By fostering beliefs that support the development of healthy social behaviours and relationships, we aim to build a healthier, safer society for everyone.

Our Goals

  • To foster values that support healthy social behaviour and relationship development
  • To explore how attitudes and beliefs about oneself and others are formed
  • To develop critical thinking abilities that provide the skills necessary for youth to make positive lifestyle choices
  • To provide youth a safe, non-judgemental environment where they feel empowered to share their thoughts and ideas, and express feelings
  • To equip youth with strategies to help end violence and abuse in our community

Our Topics

Relationship Dynamics & Violence

This session will support youth in understanding and identifying the dynamics that create both healthy and unhealthy relationships. It aims to educate on the impacts and scope of intimate partner violence on both a personal and societal level.

Mental Health & Substance Use

This session will discuss the common mental health challenges that youth today are experiencing, and their intersection with unhealthy relationship development. It will examine the effects mental health stigma can have on a person’s self-esteem, and how substance use is often linked to challenges in managing mental illnessHealthy coping strategies and wellness planning will be provided.  

Gender Stereotypes

This session explores how gender stereotypes are formed, and how they can contribute to violence and abuse. Youth will analyze how stereotypes surrounding gender have impacted their own lives, and ways they can overcome these stereotypes.

Anger & Assertiveness

This session will address how violence is often normalized as anger, and the difference between the two concepts. Youth will become able to identify physiological cues and triggers for anger in themselves and others. Assertive communication techniques and strategies for healthy anger releases will be provided.

Boundary Setting & Communication

This session will support youth in understanding how to effectively communicate and set healthy boundaries with others. The importance of respecting a person’s sexual boundaries will be discussed, and strategies for establishing consent will be provided.

Sexual Violence & Rape Culture

This session will explore how the media facilitates a culture that supports rape and sexual assault. Youth will be challenged to think about how their own actions and behaviours promote acceptance of sexual violence, and how they can contribute to change. Community resources that support those impacted by sexual violence will be provided.

The Violence Prevention Program is designed to meet the needs of our community! The ability to create and facilitate additional topics for youth is available upon request. Please contact us directly for inquiry.

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