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Violence Prevention

The Violence Prevention Program strives to offer educational opportunities for youth that shift the engrained systemic attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate violence and discrimination in our communities. By fostering beliefs that support the development of healthy social behaviours and relationships, we aim to build a healthier, safer society for everyone. Each session topic has been pre-recorded to view or share. The ability to create and facilitate additional topics for youth is available upon request. 

Relationship Dynamics & Violence 

This session will support youth in understanding and identifying the dynamics that create both healthy and unhealthy relationships. It aims to educate on the impacts and scope of intimate partner violence on both a personal and societal level.

Mental Health & Substance Use

This session will discuss the common mental health challenges that youth today are experiencing, and their intersection with unhealthy relationship development. It will examine the effects mental health stigma can have on a person’s self-esteem, and how substance use is often linked to challenges in managing mental illnessHealthy coping strategies and wellness planning will be provided.  

Gender Stereotypes

This session explores how gender stereotypes are formed, and how they can contribute to violence and abuse. Youth will analyze how stereotypes surrounding gender have impacted their own lives, and ways they can overcome these stereotypes.

Boundary Setting & Communication 

This session will support youth in understanding how to effectively communicate and set healthy boundaries with others. The importance of respecting a person’s sexual boundaries will be discussed, and strategies for establishing consent will be provided.

Anger & Assertiveness

This session will address how violence is often normalized as anger, and the difference between the two concepts. Youth will become able to identify physiological cues and triggers for anger in themselves and others. Assertive communication techniques and strategies for healthy anger releases will be provided.

Sexual Violence & Rape Culture

This session will explore how the media facilitates a culture that supports rape and sexual assault. Youth will be challenged to think about how their own actions and behaviours promote acceptance of sexual violence, and how they can contribute to change. Community resources that support those impacted by sexual violence will be provided.

Cyber Safety & Technology

This session will discuss issues surround technology use including privacy, safety and cyber-bullying and cyber-violence. Youth will learn what constitutes cyber-bullying and cyber-violence and how to respond to it as well as how to be a responsible digital citizen.

Human Trafficking

This session will explore the world human trafficking, who is at risk and how and why it happens. Youth will be provided with information about recruitment strategies and trafficker behaviour, signs and indicators of human trafficking, and what to do if you or someone you know is being victimized.

Building Self Esteem

This session will explore the concept of self esteem, why it is important, what affects it, and the characteristics of both healthy and unhealthy self esteem. Youth will be provided with strategies to build a more positive mindset and improve their resiliency. 

Diversity & Discrimination

This session will explore the topics of Diversity & Discrimination. Youth will be focusing on what Diversity & discrimination are, how both occur within our society, as well as the divide and power imbalances that may lead to violence among a community or group.

Educate Inform Challenge

Mikhaela Gray-Beerman

Teresa talks with Freedom Fighter Mikhaela Gray-Beerman about steps to help combat human trafficking.

Richard Lickers
Shana Lickers

Teresa talks to Shana Lickers from the Mowhawk Nation about the struggles, challenges and resilience in her life as an Indigenous woman.

Sara Peddle

Teresa talks to executive director Sara Peddle of the Busby Centre about the supports available for the community when it comes to homelessness.

Kirsten Bradley

Teresa taks to financial insolvency administrator from BDO Canada, Kirsten Bradley, about building a financial future.

Lindsay Danko

Teresa talks with social worker Lindsay Danko about supporting mental health needs.

Jo-Anne Kyte

Teresa talks with family court support worker Jo-Anne Kyte from the Women & Children’s Shellter Barrie about navigating the court system after abuse.

Jean Carisse
Rear-Admiral Rebecca Patterson and Major-General Lise Bourgon

Rear-Admiral Rebecca Patterson and Major-General Lise Bourgon from the Canadian Armed Forces discuss the changing role of women in the military.

Janet Goldblatt Holmes

Teresa talks to survivor Janet Goldblatt Holmes on the next edition of Educate, Inform, Challenge.

Jennifer Armstrong
Charmaine Nolan

Teresa speaks with Charmaine Nolan, Manager: Justice Programs/Indigenous Criminal Court Work.

Genevieve Lagace-Gore

Teresa talks with Genevieve Lagace-Gore Vice-President of Marquee Benefits Inc. concerning the trials and tribulations of women in business.

June FitzGerald

Teresa talks to June FitzGerald from the Barrie Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie about safe housing for women in crisis.


Teresa talks to Lacey, survivor and activist for the Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie.

The National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

December 6th, 1989 marks the massacre of 14 women from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. The anniversary of the massacre has been commemorated as The National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

 Katie Taylor

Teresa sits down with the the development manager of the Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie, Katie Taytor, as they discuss the many programs and initiatives the shelter has to offer including the “Wrapped in Courage” campaign.

Dino Melchoir

Dino Melchoir tells the heartbreaking story of a friend who was murdered by her partner and how it has changed his perspective on abusive relationships.

Jo-Anne David
Sash and Ash

Join Sash and Ash from Born Legacy Inc. as they discuss the incredible work they do in the community.

Aaron Geertsema

Learn about new initiatives that support sexual assault victims and how community advocates play a role in monitoring sexual assault cases with Barrie Police Services.

Shelly Skinner

Learn how UpLift Black is raising the voices of Black people in our community and how we can become allies to creating an inclusive and diverse community with guest Shelly Skinner.

Ann-Marie Kungl

How do we encourage and support more women to enter the political arena? We talk with Barrie Councillor Ann-Marie Kungl and her journey to municipal politics.


One woman’s story and experience of abuse. Learn how she overcame her experience and created a new life for herself and her children.

Katie Taylor

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is the biggest fundraiser and awareness event for the Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie. Hear about this amazing event with Development Manager Katie Taylor.

Shana Lickers

Healing from an abusive relationship is difficult. Join the conversation with guest Shana Lickers to talk about supports and services offered by the Women & Children’s Shelter Barrie.

Lilliane Namukasa

Guest Lilliane Namukasa discusses the impacts of violence against mothers and how children learn and heal from what they’ve experienced.

Keenan Aylwin

Learn about downtown safety initiatives from Ward 2, Barrie City Councillor, Keenan Aylwin.

Stephanie Watkinson

Stephanie Watkinson, Captain and Executive Director of The Salvation Army Barrie Bayside Mission Centre highlights the role women are playing as key decision makers and leaders.

Ashley Jeneraul

Talking to your kids about consent is never easy. Learn the basics of having those conversations and be informed about EXACTLY what consent means.

Sarah Cunningham

Sarah Cunningham is a member of the Women’s Advocacy Council. Join the discussion to learn about gender equity and how women are bridging the gap.

Keira Brooks

Community Safety is at the heart of police services. Learn what community initiatives are happening to create safety for everyone with Community Safety and Well Being officer Keira Brooks.

Jo-Anne Kyte

The court process for abused women can be a difficult one. Learn the basics of what you need to know and be informed with Jo-Anne Kyte from the Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie.

Jasmine Botter

Jasmine Botter’s experience of sexual harassment downtown Barrie led her to make changes in our community and create safe streets for everyone.

Val Gates

Hear about the experiences of women police officers and how one woman is leading and encouraging other women to think of policing as a career. Guest Val Gates with Barrie Police shares her story.

Danielle Gaucher

Learn about the impact and counselling available to women experiencing abuse. We talk with Danielle Gaucher from the Women & Children’s Shelter Barrie.

Sarah Cunningham (Indigenous History Month Pt. 2)

We continue the conversation with Sarah Cunningham during National Indigenous History Month and how violence against Indigenous women has affected her and the people in her life.

Sarah Cunningham (Indigenous History Month Pt. 1)

June is National Indigenous History month. Join the conversation with Sarah Cunningham to learn and grow in your Indigenous knowledge.

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